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Electrical, Chemical, Plastic and Molding Technology


Great Facilities and Learning Environment


Supporting Management and Knowledgeable Teachers

Principal Message

Er. Mukesh Jain
Principal (B.E., M.E.)

At Mahamaya Institute of Information Technology (MMIT), Auraiya, we aim to provide high quality of education in a supportive learning environment. We believe that every student is different and student of today need an education that prepares them to meet the challenges of the competitive world. While academic strength is essential to survive, they need excellent communication skills,understanding of global culture and its appreciation, a good character, an attitude to be lifelong learners and contribute in a positive way to the society.

Education is a continuous process by which a generation becomes prepared to attain self fulfillment by providing opportunities to develop the personality cult and to instill the principles of civic responsibility in order to sustain the time tested institutions which maintain law and order and harmony in society for its members to pursue creative endeavor through such system the public schools get recognition by state / council.

I, as Principal of this college put in my best efforts to ensure each every student gets best education and he/she can achieve greater heights in their life. Not only this, I try best to guide teachers and all employees to work together as a team for the betterment of college and students.

Features and Facilities

At, MMIT Auraiya we strive to provide quality education to students using the best available facilities. At college we have talented teachers, labs, library to help students with studies. Also we have great arrangement of electricity, drinking water, CCTV cameras for providing safe and apt learning environment to all. In addition to this, we have employed Grievance Redressal Mechanism for student, parent and employees to directly reach college management for any issue.

Well & New equipments for workshop practice.

Carpentry shop, Smithy shop, Sheet metal, soldering & brazing shop, Fitting shop, welding shop, Machine shop and more.

Clean & drinking water facilities.

The college has Clean & drinking water facilities for students so that they remain healthy.

Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Mechanics Lab

Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Mechanics, Computer lab for practical understanding to various topics by student and teachers.

Library facilities.

The library of college has thousands of books that students can take and read.

Green Campus

Containing Principal House, Senior Assistant House, Secure Boundary wall, Girls Hostel, Main Building (Administrative Block, Principal Office, HOD Offices etc)

24x7 Electricity

24x7 electricity Facility with 45KVA Generator facility.

Full Security

P.R.D. workman for campus security (24x7). Lecture Room and Drawing Halls with 24x7 CCTV facility.

Class room facilities

Classroom facilities include confortable classes with proper ventilation for comfortable study environment.

Outsourcing Staff.

We bring staff from different colleges if we feel there is any need for proper operation of college.


Currently, at MMIT Auraiya we are offering 3 main courses namely Electrical, Chemical, and Plastic & Mold Technology. Performance of students at our college has been pretty good with many students placed in multinational companies in India and across the world.

Learning Environment

MMIT Auraiya is renowned for great learning environment. The college is located in serene location with peaceful environment.

Students are provided guidance from able-management team and talented teachers, facilities for extra-curricular activities are superb. Large playground allows students to play cricket, football, volleyball and other games and enjoy their time during college hours. Not only this, the college participates in lot of competitions at states and national level allowing students to get exposure to big events.

The college has facilities like Well & New equipments for workshop practice - Carpentry shop, Smithy shop, Sheet metal, soldering & brazing shop, Fitting shop, welding shop, painting & polishing shop, plumbing shop, foundry shop, Machine shop, 24x7 electricity Facility with 45KVA Generator facility, Lecture Room and Drawing Halls with 24x7 CCTV facility, Library facility and many more.

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